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Interview in GeißbockEcho

Cordoba: I know both sides of the coin

2018 has offered up an awful lot to Jhon Cordoba; sporting set-backs, learning moments but also a growing self-confidence and success. Before the last two home games of the year, the Colombian striker looked back on a turbulent 12 months.

Jhon, more than a year ago, we introduced you to the FC fans in GeißbockEcho. How do you back in those previous months?
In the last year, pretty much everything has changed for me. It was partly a tough time, I have learned so much and especially so in the first half of 2018. But I’ve always kept working and always believed in myself in tough situations.

What was the toughest at the start?
My injury problems after Matchday 7 made my start hard here at FC. It was not until the Rückrunde where I could finally get back at it.

Last season, FC were stuck on an emotional rollercoaster between Europa League and relegation. Nevertheless, is your goal in London against Arsenal a highlight for you?
Of course, goals are the most important thing for strikers. I will never forget that goal in London. However, I would have preferred it if we were more successful as a team. Because of my injuries, I was unable to help the team for a long time. After that, I was not able to find my game. It definitely was not easy.

At the moment, you’re in the middle of your most successful season in Germany. You have already scored six goals this year, a personal high. Why is it going so well at the moment?
During the time in Köln, the team has backed me all the way. My friends and family are also very important. The key element for my performance and me is that I remain injury free. That’s why I work so hard every day. The support from the environment around me has also helped not to lose faith in myself. Therefore, I can bring a good performance for the team onto the pitch through lots of hard work.

How important is it that Omar Wagdy is now a permanent part of the team, as an interpreter, this season?
Omar is a big help – not only for me, but also for everyone in the team who does not speak perfect German. That helps a lot in certain moments. I understand almost everything but, when someone speaks too quickly, it often hard for me to understand it all correctly. I also work on German as often as I can to speak the language. The communication within the team on the pitch is only in German. I think that is good, because that is the best way to learn.

What role has the noticeably audible support from many FC fans in the stadium played in your current form?
I am always 100% motivated but, when the fans call my name or even sing songs about me, then that only gives me even more motivation to give everything for the club and the fans.

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