Club | 30/03/2020

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Disinfectant for Köln

FC and the 1. FC Köln Foundation have donated 500 litres of disinfectant to the Köln crisis team. This was possible thanks to a big personal effort and plenty of cunning, in the best way possible.

“I know someone who knows someone…” is how fans and employees of 1. FC Köln came together with the FC Foundation to work together and organise much-needed disinfectant for Köln. At the moment, along with protective gloves and masks, this is in short supply. But sometimes, there is a Köln-way of doing things.

Markus Nolte, part of the FC ticketing team, made contact to an FC fan in Leipzig, whose employer, CropEnergies in Sachen-Anhalt, produces Ethanol amongst other things. The firm was able to produce 100 litres quickly and cheaply. But only chemists can produce the disinfectant from ethanol, so another step was necessary. Nolte then got in contact with the chemist from Thomas Kelz – another FC member – in Bocholt. For the delivery to the Köln crisis team, only canisters, a pump and other materials were needed. Organisation and transport of the components was made by the employees of 1. FC Köln, with the foundation taking care of the costs. At the weekend, the ethanol was turned into 20 canisters of disinfectant for the city.

“It is an example of our FC network and that everyone can play their part,” said FC managing director, Alexander Wehrle, who handed over the 500 litres on Monday to the firemen. “I would like to thank our employees, our fans and partners, who helped help us to make this possible.”

Dr. Christian Miller, head of the Köln fire brigade, said: “Disinfectant is like liquid gold at the minute, and it absolutely necessary. This support is a signal to all, who are working against the virus. We are getting a lot of support from the public and we’re very thankful for that.”

The fire brigade recently opened a logistic centre, where 20 members aim to secure protective gear that is in short supply across the world. The fire brigade then share this out based on need, including the FC disinfectant. 

FC would like to thank: 
-    CropEnergies, Zeitz
-    Punkt-Apotheke Kelz, Bocholt
-, Gerhard van Well, Tönisvorst 
-    DENIOS AG, Bad Oeynhausen 
-    Lutz Pumpen GmbH, Wertheim 
-    Metallhandel Metze OHG, St. Augustin
-    Arthur Wulf, Fasshandel GmbH & Co. KG, Buchholz i.d.N.

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