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FC midfield man

Drexler: “It’s now crunchtime”

After the session on Thursday, Dominick Drexler spoke at Geißbockheim about the upcoming game in Duisburg, the battle for promotion and his goals.

Dominick Drexler on…

…the upcoming game in Duisburg: “I believe that we’ve gained a lot of self-confidence. Now we head to Duisburg, there we have something to prove after the Hinrunde and want to make it five wins in a row for the second time this season. I hope that everyone is on board and that those who are ill can come back and then I’m confident that we can continue in Duisburg where we left off against Arminia. We are doing well and go there to win.”

…the situation at the top of the table: “If we continue to bring our level of performance and win games, then we don’t need to look at what is behind us. Obviously Union are very strong at home and HSV have perhaps now got some self-confidence from the derby but we have to only look at us. We are at the top of the table and must simply do our work.”

…the winless streak in the Hinrunde, which began against Duisburg: “That’s not in our heads anymore. Now we’re in the crunchtime, that we only have the remaining nine games ahead of us. It doesn’t matter what went before. We are motivated to be better than in the Hinrunde.”

…his goals: “In a team with our three strikers, there isn’t much left. If three players in the boy have the ball, then they’ll try and score and that’s correct. Therefore, you might have a few chances less yourself but in the role that I’m now in, the fact that a score a little is obviously great. That gives me confidence, but I like to set up goals just as much because our strikers are fantastic when it comes to finishing.”

…the sporting turnaround after Paderborn: “If we had won that game, then we would have won six games in a row. There we didn’t hold ourselves like a top team in the last few minutes, we’ve got to say. But in the 80 minutes beforehand, against a team that had up to that point been scoring goals for fun – we managed to keep them at arm’s length. That we lost in the end was tough, but today we’ve got to say that it perhaps did us good. You never know. If we keep on winning, then we’ll perhaps look back on the game against Paderborn that gave us more concentration in the promotion push.”

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
16 1. FSV Mainz 05 9
17 1. FC Köln 7
18 SC Paderborn 07 7