Professionals | 11/03/2019

Meeting of the Member Council

FC Board of Directors: Member Council delegates Stefan Müller-Römer

Time in office limited until autumn - Dr. Carsten Wettich becomes Member Council Chairman.

Werner Spinner informed the Member Council of his resignation as President of 1. FC Köln during the course of this Monday. On Monday evening, the Member Council unanimously decided to send its chairman, Stefan Müller-Römer, to the Club’s Board of Directors instead of the outgoing president, in accordance with section 20.4 in the articles of Club.

Stefan Müller-Römer made it clear that he will take over the duties of the Board of Directors exclusively for the transitional period, until the next planned General Meeting at the beginning of September. At the meeting, a new Board of Directors team will be elected according to schedule: "I will not run for the Board of Directors in the new election of the Board in Autumn, neither as President nor as Vice-President." Regarding the current situation, he says: "First and foremost, is to make promotion a reality and to steer the club, together with the two Vice-Presidents, Markus Ritterbach and Toni Schumacher back into calmer waters. I will work on that with all my strength."

The question as whether to the member sent to the President also follows in his function, is legally unclear. Müller-Römer: "That is not so important and, in my opinion, does not have to be decided. I will suggest to the two Board of Directors’ colleagues that we exclude this question and simply work together collegially. What’s important now is the club, not any titles or vanities."

For the period of his posting, Müller-Römer’s membership in the Member Council stands idle. In its place, the Member Council elected former deputy, Dr. Carsten Wettich as the new Chairman of the panel. Walther Boecker will exercise the vacant function of the deputy until the next General Meeting. Both will thus also belong to the Joint Committee, in which the Member Council is represented by its two Chairmen.

FC Vice-Presidents, Markus Ritterbach and Toni Schumacher said: "Congratulations and thank you to Stefan Müller-Römer, Carsten Wettich and Walther Boecker for their new role within FC. We would like to thank Werner Spinner for his commitment as President of our Board of Directors’ team since 2012. Now we are counting on a constructive cooperation, both on the Board of Directors and in the Joint Committee, for the sake of 1. FC Köln."

The Member Council also referred, once again, to the origin of the secondment decision. Carsten Wettich, on behalf of the entire Member Council, thanked outgoing President, Werner Spinner for his work over the last seven years: "He took over the club in a difficult situation and played a key role in economic consolidation. Despite some difference of opinion and disagreement with him, we have always recognised the high commitment and passion of Mr. Spinner for 1. FC Köln. Therefore, we would have wished him a better farewell at the end of his term. Stefan Müller-Römer and I have already informed him in person. We wish Mr. Spinner all the best for the future.”

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
1 1. FC Köln 63
2 SC Paderborn 07 57
3 1. FC Union Berlin 57