Professionals | 06/10/2019

Horn, Hector and Beierlorzer

Hector: "Extremely important for morale"

After the 1:1 draw against FC Schalke 04 on Saturday evening, NetCologne FC-TV spoke to Timo Horn, Jonas Hector and Achim Beierlorzer.

Timo Horn: “I believe that we absolutely deserved a point over the 90 minutes. I believe that we could have even won it, had we taken our chances from earlier in the game. There were some great opportunities there. Such a point can bring us an awful lot. We know that only too well from the previous Bundesliga season, where we got relegated. Therefore, we’re happy to be taking it with us. We still know that we’re still at the wrong end of the table and we simply have to bring today’s performance onto the pitch every week. Engaged, courageous and then we’ll get the points we deserve.”

Jonas Hector: “For the morale, this point is extremely important. If you look at the game as a whole, we could have gone ahead and were then happy not to concede a second just before the equaliser. If I didn’t believe it would happen, then I wouldn’t have gone up for the corner. It’s not normal the case that I’m standing there. Of course it’s obviously nice, that it ended up nestling in at the back post.”

Achim Beierlorzer: “It’s hugely important for us. Because we could definitely say that, after this game, we’re in this division. In the second half, we seen what sort of pressure there is, but we still created chances and were unbelievably engaged. The team have to take that into the next games. I’m now happy with the extra week of training. Now we have seven games and four points – it’s still too little, but we’ll reward ourselves in the long run, that much I’m sure of!”

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Total table
10FC Schalke 0437
111. FC Köln34
12Eintracht Frankfurt32