Club | 13/03/2019

Board of Director Member in interview

Müller-Römer: “We’ve got to bring back the calm”

On Wednesday, the FC Board of Directors met for the first time in its new constellation – with Stefan Müller-Römer, who had been delegated by the Member Council for the resigned Werner Spinner. After the meeting, Müller-Römer spoke to about his first impressions and the coming months.

Mr. Müller-Römer, that was the first Board of Directors meeting here at Geißbockheim. How was it?

It was good. We spoke about how we wanted to work together in the future. For me it’s important, that I come into things quickly. Logically, I was a part of some of the topics as part of the Member Council. In the Board of Directors, there’s a lot more to decide. Therefore, I’ve got to get an overview and then we must see how we bring about calm again.

Will a constructive co-operation, as many fans and members hope, be possible?

For my perspective, yes. The club are top priority. That’s a cliche, but one we have to take seriously. That means everyone has to put back their personal feelings and see that they are working constructively with the others on the matter.

You have said very clearly, that you are only here until September. Are there specific topics that you want to take special care of in this half year?

The special topic that we have to take care of, is bringing a Bundesliga-level team to the pitch. We have to make sure of promotion and plan at the same time. That's always a very difficult situation. Essentially, that has to do the Sporting Director, but of course they have to do that with the support of the board. That means that we also have to deal with the topics. In addition, there are currently no specific topics that could be outlined now. There will certainly be one or another that arise, but it is now too early to talk about it.

There are now a few new things: new member of the Board of Directors, re-elected in the Member Council and thus a new composition in the Joint Committee. Is that problematic for the club? Or is it something that you can fix relatively quickly?

It was not a situation that we, or I, wished for. But we also tried to get it done differently. That did not work in the end. The statute is then there to have a solution for such an emergency. The solution is that the Member Council sends a member. That was me, as the former chairman of the Member Council. In this respect, I think that it has been solved well and quickly. Now we have to play it calmly and sensibly.

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