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Peter Stöger on Augsburg

“The break was good for us”

1. FC Köln resume the 2017/18 Bundesliga campaign on Saturday with an away match against FC Augsburg. FC head coach Peter Stöger spoke on Thursday’s press conference about the upcoming fixture.

Peter Stöger spoke on Thursday’s press conference about…

  • …the international break: “The break was good for us. The early losses put some thoughts in our head that were not always positive. We were able to shut down our minds for a bit and restart. But it was also important to analyze the first few weeks and to make the right adjustments. My feeling from the past few training sessions is very positive. Now we want to display a good game on Saturday.”
  • …the current situation: “For the first time we find ourselves in a situation in which we have lost the first two matches. In the past few seasons we always started well and had some distance to the bottom. The good thing is that there are still plenty of matches left to improve our position. What is different is that the expectations are higher now that we are playing in the Europa League. It is a new situation, but we have used the past few days to prepare for it.”
  • …the opponent: “We know it is going to be difficult. No team has it easy in Augsburg. They are a physical team that are prepared to run and can hit you on a set-piece. Statistically speaking we always found our difficulties in Augsburg. But during my time as a coach here we were able to turn many negative streaks into positive ones. That is the mindset we want to take into Saturday.”
  • ...the squad: “Milos Jojic and Marcel Risse remain doubtful for Saturday. We will see whether it makes sense for them. All the other players are fit, including those coming back from international duty.”
  • …the upcoming matches: “This is exactly what all players, coaches, and management wanted. We are playing in Europe and also in the DFB-Pokal. There is no doubt that it is a good thing. Of course it will not be easy, but I have always said that it is the dream of a competitor to be able to get the opportunity to show what he can do every three days. Our players can get better each match. I am grateful that I can experience this. I think many people would like to be in a situation in which they will face Augsburg, Arsenal, and Dortmund.”

Match Details

  • Kick off on Saturday is at 15:30.
  • 2,500 FC fans are expected to make the trip to Augsburg.
  • Tobias Stieler will be the referee in charge.


Press Conference Peter Stöger FC Augsburg
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