Professionals | 13/03/2019

Training at Geißbockheim

The day at FC: Hector out with the cold

On Wednesday morning, 1. FC Köln trained at Geißbockheim. Jonas Hector missed out through illness.

The cold continues to spread at Geißbockheim. After Simon Terodde (tonsillitis), Dominick Drexler and Rafael Czichos missed out yesterday, Jonas Hector missed out on Wednesday. The captain was absent while the rest of the squad worked on passing and different formations. Timo Horn was unable to train due to back problems, although Drexler did return to action. Head coach, Markus Anfang played things down after training.

After training, Markus Anfang spoke about…

…the squad situation: “Jonas Hector was here this morning. He’s got a little bit of everything and we’ve got to wait. He’s now got medicine. We hope that they work. He will go tot he doctor again and we’ll see what we can do. With Rafael Czichos, we’ll look again at the values and see if they’ve changed. We’ll then see if he can come back into things on the bike. It’s hard to know whether or not that’ll work for Sunday. Simon Terodde has tonsillitis. The cold is going around a little. Timo Horn has back problems. But I’m going off the basis that he will be fit on Sunday.”

…possible tactical solutions, if Simon Terodde isn’t fit against Duisburg: “We can set things up differently. We don’t always have to play with two strikers. We can use one striker and play with more midfielders – like we did in the preparation. We also have two other strikers, who can play together up front.”

…Marcel Risse, who suffered an allergic shock yesterday: “If everything goes to plan, he’ll be back in training on Thursday. Today’s season came a little too early for him. He’ll be checked over again and we’ll see what the results are.”

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
1 1. FC Köln 63
2 SC Paderborn 07 57
3 1. FC Union Berlin 57