Professionals | 06/04/2020

The Day at FC

Training under special circumstances

After almost three weeks without team training, 1. FC Köln were back on the pitch on Monday. The authorities gave it the green light, so that the players could continue work. Naturally, FC paid attention to the rules and regulations surrounding hygiene and social distancing to protect against the Coronavirus.

Christian Clemens, Ellyes Skhiri and Jhon Cordoba made their way from the dressing room in Geißbockheim to Franz-Kremer-Stadion. With the training gear under their arms, and more than a few metres apart. The three FC players were visibly happy to be back on the pitch with their team-mates after a long break.

It wasn’t what you would normally expect, however. Instead, FC will now train in three small groups of eight players. The first in the morning, the second in the afternoon and the third will train individually at home. Between each session, the dressing room will be cleaned. Tackles are banned, as is every form of body contact. Eating and showering has to be at home. No fans are allowed in, nor are the media, but they are back with the ball at their feet.

Under the Corona-measures, the team were allowed to return to training. This came after permission was given by the necessary authorities to allow those who practice top-level sport as their job to do so.

FC managing director, Horst Heldt said: “I’m really pleased to see the boys back on the pitch after they went through a form of three-week Home Office for footballers. It’s good to see that they’re keeping their distance, which is also necessary. You can also see that the boys are buzzing, now they’re back on the ball. We are pleased, that we were given permission to do so. We spoke with the boys beforehand as to how they should handle themselves. We are sticking strictly to the measures. That’s incredibly important, for society and for each one of us.”

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